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IBUS with CC3D and CleanFlight/BetaFlight - Eachine 250 Racer

I finally managed to get IBUS working on my Eachine 250 Racer (ER250) and here's how!

IBUS is digital communication protocol of FlySky/Turnigy controllers. I'm using FlySky FS-i6 with FS-iA6B receiver, but I guess you can use this guide also for SBUS and others.

Connecting to CC3D 

First, you need to use different connector. If you are currently using PWM or PPM on your receiver, you probably use 8 pin connector. For IBUS you need 4 pin FLEX or MAIN connector.

Note: I don't use default ER250 position of CC3D, i rotated it -90°so I can access USB from the side.

With ER250 you'll get the all needed cables. I already switched the connector on the receiver side so instead of 4 separate cables I have only 2 (blue is not connected).

I'm using MAIN port, as FLEX port is on the side of battery tray in my settup.

Black is GND, Red +5V, Yellow RX, Blue TX (not connected) 

CleanFlight setup

NoteOn older versions of CF/BF there is no IBUS support.

I'm using BetaFligh, but configuration is the same.

Fist, under ports settup you need to turn off DATA and turn on Serial Rx for port you are using.

For CC3D UART1 is MAIN port and UART3 is FLEX port.
I'm using MAIN port = UART1

Save and restart.

Under configuration tab you need to setup RX_SERIAL and choose IBUS in Serial receiver provider menu.

 Save and restart.

Enjoy flying!


  1. Thank you very much !!
    Got it working now with a modded flysky i6 running 10 channels !!

  2. Linux shortcuts are really needed for the programmers as it is the great help for them and I think it is the perfect guide that you have posted for us. Thank you for sharing

  3. hello.. please help. I bought IA6B but I do not know which cable I should buy.. (to connect between FC and IA6B. I know it is 4 pin but there is no info for Newby.. please help.


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